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Thread: 1940's Indian Sidecar Help Needed

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    Beginning the process of installing the factory sidecar brackets on my 1947 Chief. When I mock-up the front bracket, the left side bracket section fits nicely around the left downtube at the proper angle. The right side bracket section then lines up with the right downtube where it mounts into the brazed lug so it does not mount flush due to the two different thicknesses at the joint. Can anybody tell me if that is how it is supposed to mount or??? Any help/info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I had to shim the frame outwards, by slipping a 5/8" flat washer between the motor mount bracket and the frame lug on each side. I slid the bracket down as far as I could.

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    Hi, I've got a '48 Chief and '40 sidecar. I bought the front bracket from Mike Breeding, one that he had cast. On mine, the right joint connects just above that casting and the left is further up. I tried taking some pics, they are not so good as the bike is put away for winter.

    I assume you know that there were short and long frames for that sidecar. The 1940-45 sidecars had long frames, the 1946-53 had short frames. The front bracket needs to match the sidecar year. The either bracket should fit any 1940-53 Chief.
    - Dana

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