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Thread: Fresh fish

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    Hey, Gene, I love a 101, always have. Probably Indian's sweetest handling bike. Keep it up, picking up one part at-a-time, and you'll find it all before you know it. I love these Old Bikes! Thanks for coming on board. Pretty sedate crew around here. heh, heh. (not!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gone Looney View Post
    My 101, 1922 motor stroked to 45" with 40 top end. Would like to find a set of 101 cases and front fender and rear wheel for it. Someday I will have it back to original but right now I'm just going to enjoy it
    do i see a J model on the lift......?

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    Thanks guys I'll keep on the hunt,yes Steve that's a 26 FD I'm trying to get back together,it's been a challenge for sure

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