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Thread: Fresh Find early single, Mystery Serial Number?

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    Default Fresh Find early single, Mystery Serial Number?

    Recently I came across what appears to be an early 4hp single completely dismantled. The seller insists it's a 1911 model year, but the serial number doesn't jive. Instead of a number/letter sequence on the raised stamping area, it is stamped C.F.P.8.14.14 . Above the raised area there is an additional three digit number.

    Some people have speculated it possibly could have been a municipal or military bike. The serial number appears to be original and unmolested.

    Any guesses to what this number means, or what year this bike actually is?
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    Interesting but it doesn't follow any factory numbering that I am familiar with. Did you buy the project? It would be intersting to see if there are any other clues to a possible military or law enforcement use.
    Mike Carver
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    Most likely a blank replacement case that was stamped on 08/14/1914.
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    I'm thinking like Chris. Looks like a date.
    Eric Smith
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    I haven't purchased the bike yet. I know opportunities to acquire a bike like this don't come along too often, but I wanted to do my due diligence to figure out the number, and why it doesn't break down like a normal Indian serial number.

    Also, I am frightened if I restore this bike, the AMCA would not allow it to be judged with an unresolved serial or unknown history.

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    here in Oz we have engine numbers that were stamped for police use on Indian Chiefs and WLA s, i have seen numbers on bikes for each state here ,i do not see a problem with what you are looking at,Rob

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