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Thread: Panhead Tires

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    Just put Shinkos on my '49 and '58 but running original Goodyear on the '65.
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    Thanks to all for the information

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    I run and tested 4 different classic tires on my rigid frame Panheads.
    AVON MK2, Continental K112, AllState and Coker/Beck style thread.
    I can say, never use the Coker/Beck style tire. They are dangerous for your life. They are very slippery on wet roads - You cannot stop!
    AVON MK2 are a good choice, but the Continental K112 I feel is better on uneven roads and has grip on dry or wet roads.
    Also very good is the AllState Tire 5.00-16. Made in Japan and the most expensiv of all.

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    I have put Shinko 270ís on lots of pans and shovels. They are a replica Goodyear supereagle pattern which was used by Harley Davidson till 1968. Have not had any problems and run them on my own bikes

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    Shinko 240ís are the speed grip pattern used by harley-Davidson after 1968. They can be a little squirrely on grooved pavement and iron grate bridges I prefer the 270 supereagle pattern. They are a little taller profile. They look good and wear well

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