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Thread: 1939 style pinion shaft on 1938 EL

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    Default 1939 style pinion shaft on 1938 EL


    My 1938 EL is apart for rebuild. It currently has the 2 piece pinion shaft that appears to be correct for 1938. While the shaft is useable, I don't have the cork washer and copper washer that the Palmer book says goes between them (for oil flow regulation?) and I can't locate new ones. Therefore I would like to update to the 1939 one piece pinion shaft IF the conversion is not too complicated. Can I use the 1939 shaft without modifying the cases? If so then I assume I'll use the corresponding parts (pinion gear, oil pump drive gear, etc) for the 1939 shaft. Then it seems the some of the oil pump parts need upgrading as well.

    Does anyone know if a detailed explanation of the process to convert from 2 piece to one piece pinion shaft is available? If not can anyone supply one?

    This is my 1st Knucklehead rebuild so I'm in uncharted waters here!

    Steve Slaminko
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    Use the 39 to 47 pinion, 39 to 47 gears on pinion, 39 to 47 oil pump gear.

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    No need to modify cases or change oil pumps. The '39-'48 (not 47) shaft and gears are a direct swap with no drama.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    Thanks Guys!

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