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Thread: Weidenhoff Generator Bench Tester

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    Default Weidenhoff Generator Bench Tester

    Gentlemen (& Ladies),

    I am desperately seeking information, manuals for the Harley Davidson Generator Tester as pictured. Somebody out there has a manual Id love to get one, but that I can copy (Expenses paid of course) or emailed version. Information, parts lists ANYTHING would be of help. The machine is currently being re-wired (all mouse eaten) to be used in a generator rebuilding business which will soon be available to ALL AMCA if the machine is fully operational.
    Please help if you can

    Cheer's Brian
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    I have a manual Brian. NFS but I can copy it for you.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    [QUOTE=45-Brian;167997]Gentlemen (& Ladies),

    Absolutely I'd love a copy Mr. Knight you can PM me and I'll give you either my email or my address either one is OK by me.
    I knew somebody would have a copy!!!


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    Please don't forget if it costs your anything let me know and I'll make it right.
    Thanks Again Brian

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    That is a very cool machine, where did you find it?

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    I happened to be cruising Ebay, and low and behold!!
    I collect vintage Harley tools and this was one that I figured I would NEVER get, now if only I could find that Air Grease gun, that would complete the Harley 45 tools.
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    Yes Rob I'd love to get a copy please
    Please contact me through private message for my details


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    I guess Rob (Rubone) really doesn't want me to have a copy after all.
    Does anybody know him??,and why he won't respond.

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    I have a much older Weidenhoff that I would love to find a manual for.
    Be sure to visit;
    Be sure to register at the site so you can see large images.
    Also be sure to visit

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    I saw yours.....every search I did yours would show up. If you look a few replies up you see a guy named Rubone said he has one that's not for sale but that he would copy it for me. He wont reply to my messages. But if he does come through I was going to send you a copy as well. It would be the newer version than yours but you might be able to get yours running? It'd be worth a try anyways.

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