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Thread: Bad Italian Deal

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    I think that I'm about ready to go that route Chris !!

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    Don't be too quick to point the finger, I've had 3 deals where I've sent bits to the USA under track and trace and haven't got paid for delivered goods.
    I took the buyers as good people and sent the goods on the understanding that if it wasn't what they wanted they should return the goods.
    Didn't get paid and didn't get the parts back.
    One used a HD dealer as his address so no doubt I'll tap on his door next time I'm in the USA.
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    Insuring 2 or 3 times (or higher) the value helps if a loss or damage occurs with a high valued item. I have had a few lost/damaged items when I shipped overseas and in the states. The additional insurance value helps with the months of aggravation dealing with a carrier who cares less about any claim. It's just a game of craps where you hope you don't roll a 7!
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    My advice ( and I learned the hard way ) Do Not Refund Any Money to the buyer until the whole claim process is complete. This may take a month or more. The Post Office told me that if it can't be delivered on the other side, then it will come back to me. So me being the good Ebayer, I refunded his money. WAIT UNTIL IT ALL PLAYS OUT !!!

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    The worst deals I've made; have been to good friends
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