I shipped a pair of plastic 1961 Harley Davidson XLH gas tank trim pieces to an Ebay buyer on 9/18/17 to a customer in Italy. After 3 weeks he emails me to tell me it has not arrived. USPS tracking says that it's still in customs. Next day the cust. says his post office states that it's damaged & missing customs papers. He and my post office say that the package is being returned to me. Trying to be a good seller I sent him a refund of $264.55. Two weeks later I check tracking and it says that it has been delivered. He sends me pictures of the carton torn open and only 1 piece of trim. The package is sealed in their shipping bag. I have been trying since then to claim the $200.00 insurance from the post office. I have shipped all over the world since the days of Hemming's Motor News. Never had a problem like this. This is just heads up.