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    I shipped a pair of plastic 1961 Harley Davidson XLH gas tank trim pieces to an Ebay buyer on 9/18/17 to a customer in Italy. After 3 weeks he emails me to tell me it has not arrived. USPS tracking says that it's still in customs. Next day the cust. says his post office states that it's damaged & missing customs papers. He and my post office say that the package is being returned to me. Trying to be a good seller I sent him a refund of $264.55. Two weeks later I check tracking and it says that it has been delivered. He sends me pictures of the carton torn open and only 1 piece of trim. The package is sealed in their shipping bag. I have been trying since then to claim the $200.00 insurance from the post office. I have shipped all over the world since the days of Hemming's Motor News. Never had a problem like this. This is just heads up.

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    I do not know what to tell you but Italy is one country of a few I no longer ship to. Their postal system is a joke and seemly loaded with thieves. Years ago I shipped a pair of cast iron UL heads to Italy and after about 2 months the guy informed me that he never got them. I filed a complaint and later collected partial insurance and paid back the buyer the total fee thru the Italian postal service as was requested. Nine months later I get a message from him stating that the heads had just arrived in good condition. So I requested that he pay me the agreed upon amount and he replied why - I already paid for them. Apparently my refund never got to him and when I queried them further they said they have no record of any shipment, loss or repayment. So I no longer ship to Italy.


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    Yes Jerry, I found out the hard way. The postal service sent me a letter today stating that " the article was delivered, we have no alternative but to deny your claim." The first person at the postal service that I talked to, over a month ago, told me that Italy and France seem to be the two countries that have the most delivery problems.

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    Thanks for the heads up, guys. Internet commerce is becoming the norm, and as a result we depend on shippers to do their job. It helps to know where the problem areas are, so we can avoid them.



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    I'll bet we all have had a bad overseas shipping deal. Mine was to Denmark. I've never had a single problem with my many deals to or from the Netherlands, or Germany.
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    I never had a problem shipping stuff but when I bought some spokes from the USA for the 20F the USPS sent them to Africa. The vendor was very good and shipped me replacements but it all took 3 months to sort out. Then a couple of months later the vendor told me that USPS had finally returned the original shipment back to him.

    Also, last January, SWMBO was in Las Vegas on business and I bought some items and had them shipped to her to bring home for me. A vendor shipped some items by USPS with a guaranteed delivery date of when SWMBO was in Vegas and as you can probably guess they turned up a couple of days after she had come back to the UK.

    So whilst I don't doubt Italy being a dodgy place to deal with. However USPS, in my experience, isn't so good either.


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