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    MARK LESEK robbed me ! I trusted him with some machine work not complicated. Probably 1500.00 worth He not only made the parts over and undersized he wanted 10.000 ..!!! He now had my stuff in australia hostage .anyway talked him to 3700.00 ,. Then when the parts arrived , the workmanship was horrable . made from stainless steel . Nothing worked , his handlebar repair jambs up and made wrong. IM the fool ., I lost four thousand , dont let it happon to you.. Mike terry amc 756

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    Feel bad for you, that sucks. Not saying you didn't do this, but some "due diligence" is always important, even one recommendation from someone you can talk to is better than none at all. I see Mark Lesek all over Facebook, but I don't trust anything I read on Facebook....I'd want to talk to someone who has first hand experience with him before I would want to trust him...and not rely on some BS Facebook chatter to provide a recommendation.
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