I've been confused about the accessory exhaust covers for the XLCH for quite some time as back in the day, we didn't use them. Now that my '64 is nearly complete, and given the poor gasoline/chrome pipe combination, I've decoded to mount a set on this newly restored machine. I just purchased what I thought was the correct set on EBay and low and behold, they don't fit. The bends of the covers are slightly different from those of the pipes. Here are the OEM parts that I'm working with:

OEM Pipes (They have Harley part labels):
Front exhaust pipe: 45456-62
Rear exhaust pipe: 45491-62

I THOUGHTI bought these OEM covers (Factory covers with no Harley parts label):
Front ('Boot Guard'): 657525-57
Rear (Boot Guard'): 65700-57

According to my 1963 Accessory Catalogue, these are the only covers offered for the XLCH through 1963 and from the catalogue illustration, they appear to be identical in every way. But... the bends are slightly off to the extent that they can't be 'pulled in' to follow the pipe contour. The only thing I can think of is that the front pipe changed in in 1962 (old number 65454-57) and this older pipe was brought back in 1965 according to my 1955-1965 parts book. The rear pipe was also changed in 1962, but I see no indication that it was ever brought back. Further compounding this matter is the fact that an interconnected dual exhaust system was also offered for the XLCH from 1958 through 1961. Maybe they had lightly different bends?