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    I was wondering if all 71 FX's inner primarys did not have a hole for the starter solenoid? Helping with a 71 that he bought new in March of 71 and does not have a hole. Thanks Dave

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    FX didn't have electric start until later,kick only

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    73 FXE. I believe that inner primary is 2 yr only 71-72. I looked for years and finally found a nos one for my wife's 72.
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    Thanks, i remembered I had a old H-D parts book and it shows the block off plate starting in 1973. The owner called today and he wants to put a electric start on it... wants me to me to modify his for the solenoid, told him no lets find a latter one! Says he is ok with that.

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    You need a sand cast one though, no die cast types..
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    Thanks again, the search is on for a sand cast primary!

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