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    I know this is a really wild and crazy long shot, but you just never know................

    A friend recently acquired an old Harley-Davidson Rider's Hand Book from 1924. For it's age it's in relatively nice shape.

    Here's a photo of the handbook................

    As he was thumbing through it, he discovered this 'Owner's Memorandum', basically a piece of paper with pertinent information regarding this specific motorcycle, as seen in this photo..............

    His first thought was, how cool would it be to hook up this old Rider's Hand Book with the current owner of the machine? Imagine if you owned JD4374, and out of the blue this important piece of it's history showed up?

    Towards that end, I am posting this here. If the current owner of this machine, JD4374 happens to be a member here and sees this, or if there is another method of advertising or contacting the potential current owner, my friend would like nothing better than to reconnect this old document with him.

    PM me here with any info or further inquiries.
    Perhaps an ad in the The Antique Motorcycle would be appropriate.

    Thanks to all who respond in kind fashion.

    Edited to add:
    Bike was bought in Phoenix August of 1924 and was used in hill climbing races and oval racing.
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