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Thread: AMA lobbying for comments to NHTSA for Automated Driving Systems

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    The AMA will still be lobbying in Washington and the MMA does what the AMA does nationally for us out here on the left coast. Most states have a similar organization which also will stand for their state motorcyclists in Washington.

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    Here in Europe we have FEMA and FIVA in Brussels lobbying the European Parliament on, respectively, motorcyclists rights and historic vehicles. Both have Websites. I met with the two organisations years ago on behalf of the AMCA, back when Pete Gagan was President and I was on the AMCA Board. FEMA have been arguing about horsepower restrictions and, more recently, against such craziness as mandatory self-inflating safety suits for motorcyclists, while FIVA relentlessly try to keep historic vehicles on the road by asking for exemptions on emissions and technical inspection legislation. Don't think it can't happen in the US guys. I would guess the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) in the US is the obvious group we should be in contact with, but that means we first need to reach a Club consensus on what to do.

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