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    I have been running a 18 amp dry cell in my dual point/coil pan for years. Recently the battery died so I went to the local battery warehouse to get a battery. They only had 12 amp 6 volt batteries so I bought one to get me home. It ran fine so I never bothered replacing it with the proper 18 amp battery. Skip forward to my single point knuck. I temporarily put this set up in it to get away from the wet battery that had been boiling over. The bike wouldn't start with it. My questions are does a single coil require more amps or was this a fluke? Will the proper battery that comes with the dry cell battery setup probably start the knuckle and should I get the proper battery for the pan to achieve a hotter spark? Thanks

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    Otis, What type is the new 12A/6V battery: a sealed lead acid or a lithium-ion type battery? Are you running a 32E 3-brush gen. on both Knuck and Pan? As for boiling the battery and when running 3-brush gen, sounds like the adjustable 3rd brush is set too high.
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