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Thread: Mystery (to me) Hand Brake Levers

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    Default Mystery (to me) Hand Brake Levers

    These came with a box full of Harley Brake levers.
    Can anyone ID any of them. Some of them look British or bicycle to me but what do I know?

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    I believe the chrome lever with the ball on the end is an Anderson lever.
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    Howdy sir,

    Ref first pic. Lower right is a front brake combo with single cable throttle housing possibly Amal. Top left appears to have threads on pivot on side showing which means it goes on the left handle bar (threads are on underside of housing, thru bolt with nut locking) clutch or compression, chrome plated cast steel or brass, likely Amal, will have steel cap with hallmark, dates from mid 50's earlier, Vincent, etc.. Item on bottom left by virtue of shape of lever and cable access slot position (faces downward when installed) goes on left side and is likely compression release.

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