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    I received a century award for my 1917 Indian PowerPlus at the Wauseon meet this year. I was told I would be sent the award in the mail. Since it's been about 3 months now I thought I better check to see if this delay is normal or not. Could someone please comment on this?

    In case the award is delayed due to missing information here it is:
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    Normal, I got a winner circle award from Wauseon for the Honda and haven't got it yet, I d give it a little more time and then get a hold of the Chief Judge Don.
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    Uh oh....
    You guys never mailed in the Yellow Postcard, did you...?!


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    Hi guys, it seems like there is some kind of issue here as my award from the Viking meet (albeit a month earlier) came some time ago.Don Dzurick the head judge will surely answer your question if you call or email. He's a very personable and organized guy. All his contact info is on the AMCA homepage under CONTACT us. Congrats on the 100 year award. I saw your bike at Wauseon and it sure would look good in my garage.

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback,

    Don Dzurick called me and said that the award should be mailed out in a few weeks. I really appreciated the phone call and I can attest to his being a personable fellow.

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