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Thread: What is this "dual band" brake system ?

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    Tommo, i note the rims on both wheels are drop center, would rims have originally been clincher for pre-29 models with dual band setup?

    And were heavy duty hubs used for this type of brake for sidecar use pre-28?

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    Both those wheels have been rebuilt onto Dunlop rims at some stage in their life and one has heavy gauge spokes which suggests sidecar use.
    Both would have originally had clincher rims on them.
    I'm not sure as to what you mean by heavy duty hubs.
    Early hubs were cup and cone with balls.
    Later ones were roller bearing hubs.
    I do have some nos hubs that have thicker than normal spoke flanges.
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    the 27-31 parts book shows 3960-23 "rear hub shell (for light spokes) 23 to first 28 twins" and shows 3960-28 "rear hub shell (for heavy spokes) later 28 & 29 - 61" & 74" twins."

    the book also shows 18" and 20" clincher rims for light and heavy spokes. pn's are 3940-27 for light spoke 18" rims, 3940-28 for heavy spoke 20" rims and 3940-29 for heavy spoke 18" rims.

    the book also gives pn's for light and heavy spokes and nipples.

    these pn's and descriptions are on pages 65 & 66 of the 27-31 parts book.

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