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    Anybody have any feedback on the repop Burgess mufflers for 36-40 flat-heads? I bought some other aftermarket one from a local shop, and it appears as though the "offset" bend at the front of the muffler is not enough to keep the muffler body away from the kicker cover studs on the transmission. Also, I don't think the "saddle" on the one that I have is forward far enough. As a result, the rear exhaust tube hits the front of the kicker cover, even though the transmission is not fully forward. Any insight, or does somebody knows who makes a muffler that's closer to OEM?

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    Original squish and Y pipes are offset to move pipes out.
    Some reproduction Y pipes are straight missing the offset.
    If your Y pipe is straight and welded to muffler, remove it and weld an offset pipe.

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    While the Y is somewhat offset, I don't think it's enough. Will try the remove and weld....thanks

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