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Thread: Lap Harley VL sprocket side bearing race

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    Default Lap Harley VL sprocket side bearing race

    If I am correct, you cannot line lap the VL sprocket side bearing due to bushing as opposed to bearing race in pinion side. Is there a lap in the 96710-40 line lap kit that will lap the sprocket side bearing? Reason I am asking is, due to location of the left bearing collar chain oiler out outside of sprocket bearing race, seems you would have to use a blind hole lap. I just need to verify what type lap to use. If I need to buy the regular Harley 96710-40 line lap kit, I will but not sure. Thanks!!

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    It was a couple of decades ago, but I think I Sunnen-honed the race to fit oversized rollers, and then made a plug-fit pilot for it to line-ream a fresh pinion bushing.

    Since it was for a 'local', I'm certain I would have heard if there was an issue. Instead, he was spotted riding around the State.

    (I lost track of the machine after the State confiscated his assets.)

    PS: One could always hone-fit the race, place the left case on a mill table and center the quill, bolt on the right case, and bore the bushing.

    But I couldn't.
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    I've never done this, but just spent $50 on a new drive side bushing.

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