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Thread: 37 BT trans removal : I'm out of talent

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    Default 37 BT trans removal : I'm out of talent

    My 37 U trans came to me with oil- water mix, but unfortunatly rust has gotten the best of the bearings.
    So I have been busy this eve. Taking it out.
    I have removed the clutch and the tiny bearings from under the clutch drum, but I do not know how to remove the last part on the main shaft
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    So at this point it seems that I need a special puller ?

    Thanks in advance for all and any help.
    Steve C

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    Yes, the puller threads into the gear and pushes against the shaft. It can be removed in situ or the entire trans will come out with it in place and the inner primary still behind it. It depends on whether you prefer removing it on the bench or on the floor/lift whichever you have.
    Where are you located? I can lend you a puller but it will take a little time.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    I am on the Eastern. Shore, MD.

    And it is already on the bench, out of frustration, I just kept removing despite the inner primary
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    Thanks for the tool offer R K,
    I got it off

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