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    Default top strip trim fasteners

    Looking for a small quantity of fender top strip trim screws....the H-D part number is 3716-38. It's a brass T-slot looking affair with a #6-32 thread. Any help would be appreciated

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    Omar A few years ago I was needing them and I ended up making them by brazing a flat on the head of a 6-32 screw. Jerry

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    That would probably be my next move, only I thought I'd start with 3/8" brass stock, turn and chase the threads, flip it and face it to length. Looks like that's how they were made to begin with, probably on a screw machine.

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    You might try the harley shop. These are the same fasteners that hold the trim strip to big twin front fenders. 1 wide 1 narrow.

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    Omar, p/n 3716-38 changed to new p/w 59226-38; this might help your search. The tee bolts (size #10 x 3/8") Max refers to are 3560WA (first link) and 3561WC (second link) are used for the fender trim or "spears" as some call them. Hope this helps. William

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    The tee nuts for the spears are enormous relative to the tee nuts used on '38 top fender trim. Despite the similarity in numbers the actual size does not even come close. The '38 trim tees are thin on the ground, however they have been found in vintage car molding catalogs as most trim was a bit generic and cars of the period also used similar items. No H-D dealer who did not exist pre-war would have such an item...
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    Thanks to all for your input....Before I set the HLV lathe up, I called Bart at Old Dude, and he has hooked me up

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