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Thread: H-D Production IoE V-twins 1909-1929

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    A quick look,the '15 twin should not have the bar & shield on the right side.It should have the oak leaf crest.Looking at colors on the web is useless.Each monitor can give diff colors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duffeycycles View Post
    Looking at colors on the web is useless.Each monitor can give diff colors.
    The whole concept of defining color is a pointless exercise in futility, particularly when it comes to ancient colors like H-D gray, Olive, or Indian Red. There are countless factors that influence color, from proportion of pigment, degradation of ingredients, and the millions of different human eyes that look at a particular color. Also, H-D bought their paint in huge lot quantities of unknown amounts, so no telling how different those multi-gallon lots were from each other. All I said was, I prefer the darker gray to the light gray and wonder what H-D gray looked like in the 'Silent Gray' era.
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    Picking up on Erics point about colours, I had some correspondence with a J owner in Slovakia earlier this year about Olive Green and he was telling me that he is also into classic Jawa motorcycles and he has compared various parts from the same year bikes that are in original paint and they have 5 or 6 slight variations of shade even though they are supposed to be the same colout.

    I would imagine that the same is true of all bikes made in volume in days gone by.


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