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Thread: Another Schebler H enigma

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    Default Another Schebler H enigma

    Just another Schebler enigma Folks,

    Please notice in the attachment that the throttle cam on the left is reversed from the usual shown in the center, and far right.
    It also has the early cast control tab rather than the common pressed tab as on the far right. And no "numbers".

    Has anyone encountered an H Schebler casting with the needle lift on the opposite side?


    Thanks in advance as always,...

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    Any good help for a repro schebler from timeless motor company, im interested to make it work

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    Somewhere on this forum, there is an extensive post by a member named 'sirhrmechanic'. He had a Timeless that he modified, and improved to make it road worthy. The search function will get you started but you'll probably need to do a lot of digging. You might look at sirhrmechanic's post history to find his build thread on the Timeless.
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    Hi Eric yes ive read the postings by srhrmechanic. Was interesting. His machine im sure is fun as it all should be. Im not a purist as i know these bikes are replicas, as much as kiwi indian parts and SS harley parts, remade tanks n tins by poland craftsmen etc....

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