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Tragic news. I was glad to call him a friend. He stayed with me up in Canada many years ago and picked up a powerplus and sidecar and made a killer WW1 machine gun unit. We drank some beer and he told me about a dream he had about organizing a road run across America for bikes 1915 and earlier. Many dream, but few can make it a reality. Classy guy and man did he know early bikes. The world of old motorcycles has lost a true champion at a young age. My family and I would like to express our deepest sympathies to his Mom and Dad.
I should add that I had some friends in the military who told me of the Afgan tradition of " 3 cups of tea"; one U R a guest, two U R a friend, three U R Family, up here in the North, U bring a 6 pack ,U R a friend, U bring a 12 pack, U R family, Lonnie came to the door with a 12 pack of BLUE when he visited