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    Just blew out the orifice on my 47FL. Got some carbon crap out of the breather tube, so I re-installed the regulating screw and fired it up to look at how much oil was actually coming out of it. I get a drip about every 15 seconds. Too much? Too little? Right now I have a .07" thick washer under the head of the regulating screw, plus another one that's .027" thick. Anybody have any insight? Just to add, when I took the drive line apart after running for about 20 miles, the motor sprocket was almost to warm to the touch, and while the primary chain wasn't discolored, there didn't seem to be much oil on it, and there wasn't a ton of oil in the cover. Am running a pre-55 compensator sprocket on the motor.

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    Too little oil will cause the chain to turn rust colored. Too much will just make a mess. You want to achieve a balance. The amount of oil needed depends on severity of use.

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    I've been running six drips per minute for the last 25 years. less than that and I would occasionally get a rusty link.
    I count the drips with the engine revved up.
    Keep in mind, the amount of blow-by mist coming out of the breather pipe also is a factor in how many drips per minute the chain needs as it provides a small amount of lubrication too.
    I don't doubt the sprocket was hot. You probably wouldn't want to hold your hand on any other portion of the engine either.
    The chain won't look excessively oily, all but a thin coat gets slung off and not much will remain in the cover.
    I think the service manual covers some of this.
    Happy Motoring.

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    Thanks for the input...I thought maybe I had too much space under the head of the adjusting screw....I'll keep an eye on it....

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