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Thread: New member from Spartanburg, SC

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    Default New member from Spartanburg, SC

    Hi all,
    A quick hello. Just joined the amca today. I just recently got interested in antique motorcycles but have always loved bikes. Great to be here.
    Jason willis

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    Glad you are here also, do you no Bill Furr by any chance? What kind of bike do you ride.

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    No, I don't know bill Furr. Is he in Spartanburg? Now I drive a bobber inspired Honda Rebel, I am about to finish. What would be a good antique motorcycle you guys would recommended me starting with. Nothing with a huge budget and parts still relatively easy to get?
    Thanks again

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    Bill is in Orangeburg and owns Orangeburg Cycle Shop and his son Armon races Bill's top fuel HD dragster. As far as a antique bike to start with if you want HD then look at a 45 or older Sportster.

    Tom (Rollo) Hardy
    AMCA #12766

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    I was thinking a Harley 45 would be good with all the WLA's, WLC's and WL's... Thanks guys and I will check out Bills shop next time I go through oranheburg.

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    Welcome to the club Jason,do you know Pete Hill from Greenville ? I spent some time at greenville training mechanics many years back.Went to Pete's shop & had a great time.I would suggest 45" over an old Iron Head,they ride great,well balanced,easy to get on to the foot clutch

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    Thanks for the kind words guys. So the hunt for a H-D 45 starts. Ohhhhhhh I am familiar with Pete Hill. One heck of a fast Knuckle he had. I need to see if he still has a shop in Greenville, SC. Maybe he would have a lead on a 45 or If anyone has any tips on an old 45 looking to be saved, please message me. Thanks guys.

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    Yes, Pete still has a shop in Greenville, but we're leaving Wednesday for Bonneville to see what he can get out of his '46 Knuck this year.

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    Please come back with some feedback. I would love to know..

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