Thanks Tom, I will wait to hear from you. If you can email photos to me directly that would be best : -
It will be a bit more private as well, which I prefer. I don't really like the entire World Wide Web seeing what I'm doing. I am definitely not one of the Facebook generation!

The FLH emblem arrived this morning, thanks very much Tom. First thing to say is that I am very pleased with it. Second thing is that it is not NOS. It is a used emblem and has been re-plated at some point. The three mounting studs would be cadmium plated on a NOS emblem. They are plated same as the rest of the emblem on the one you found. But as I said, I am happy with it, they are very hard to find in any condition. I will continue trying to find a NOS example. Now wouldn't all of that have been better kept just between you and me in a private email?
Take care Tom, and have fun at the Swap Meets. Rob.