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Thread: Gear case oil pipe leak

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    Default Gear case oil pipe leak

    I have been battling an oil leak at the oil pipe connection on top the oil pump on the timing gear case on my 26 JD. I have tried copper and steel lines, homemade and one bought from Competition Cycle. It leaks bad enough to saturate the clutch to the point it doesn't function. There is no obvious gouges or damage to cause a leak at the connection. Is it possible for pressure to build in the gear case and push back through the pump? If so any areas to look at to correct the problem? Thanks.

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    Check that the crankcase breather is timed correctly
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    Try running a rubber fuel hose instead for awhile. But if it's a pressure problem them you might wanna take a peek inside and redo your timing like Tommo suggested.

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    I think the hose is a good idea. After thinking about it, if I had a pressure problem it would be seeping out everywhere. I'm only getting an substantial leaking at the oil line. Thanks

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