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    Hello everybody. My name is Brian and I just renewed my membership after a couple years of being away from the club. I am stationed in the military in North Carolina and live around the Fort Bragg / Southern Pines area. I'm trying to catch up with all the latest club information and hoping to connect with some members in my area and join the closest chapter. If anyone lives in this area feel free to send me a message if you would like to get together. I'm hoping to connect with some members and get a little more educated before I buy my first antique motorcycle.

    Thanks, Brian
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    Hello Brian,
    I am from Ohio and in late May, early June I spent a week long vacation in Fayetteville for a couple of reasons, the centennial celebration of the 82nd and my sister and her family still lives there. Her husband retired from Army and he now works for the Army Corps of Engineers.
    Anyway, I would have loved to have met up with you and discussed American vintage motorcycles with you. I would have bought you lunch at the K&W.
    Take care and Airborne!

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    Thanks Ryan, sorry we missed each other. PM me if your ever back in town.

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