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Thread: new member from the Netherlands

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    I just became member of the AMCA.

    Have been riding and restoring Harley's in Holland ( Netherlands) since the late sixties .
    Bought my first ( civilianised,nobody wanted green stuff) 45 for 60 guilders which are about $30 US nowadays..
    Went from 45 liberators to 74 sidevalves, shovelheads and bought my first knuckle in 91.
    Bought,restored and sold a lot more swapmeet knuckles in the nineties ,but always kept the 1941 knucklehead for myself not being too concerned whether everything was 100% original..

    Palmers first edition always has been a great help..but his second edition got the virus working again, so since last year I replaced the ( nice ) repop fender for an original one , not much difference to see on first look..but very satisfying for my own state of mind.
    ( Although I used correct original rivets and narrow braces , a complete beginner told me on first sight: " hey you got a fake fender! What the heck.. turned out the barrels of the hinge were all equal)

    Also replaced the left crankcase , which turned out to be a replacement case, for an original long rib late 1941 one. Hell of a job to fix that broken case, but again..very satisfying.

    Right now I am asking for the correct 1941 " cruiser green " paint in the " PAINT " section..

    What the heck is wrong with me -

    regards Rein

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    Dear Rein, you have 54 other Dutch members to help you, as part of 320 in 20 European countries. Send me your Email address and I'll put you on our European Chapter newsletter list. Don't forget you can run free print and Internet ads for wanted and for sale items in the AMCA magazine. That paint has a 1941 part number, so is not one of the 1930s ones rebadged for wartime. It will be tough to find but you've come to the right place.

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