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Thread: Calling all BSA Experts

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechNoir View Post
    Hello all and thanks for the replies.

    BoschZEV, my friend believes that the registration number is FF6977 although I am not so sure. However I haven’t seen the original pictures, only the scans. I have asked my friend to scan them at 1200 dpi although he says that the scans that I have are as good as the originals. He is an Engineer so I would have to believe him but nevertheless I would still like to see high res scans of them.

    The registration is from Monmouthshire and the curious thing is that in the UK the format of 2 letters followed by 4 numbers was phased out in 1932 and replaced with a series of 3 letters and 3 numbers which went up to 1963.

    However in some districts where there was a low level of vehicle registrations we believe that the earlier series continued for much longer and this could be the case here.

    We could use the registration number or numbers that we think that this bike might be and type it into the DVLA database and go up and down say 100 numbers each way and hope we get a hit on a currently registered vehicle that still retains its original number.

    Eric, yes the BSA A7 and A10 (the A7 is 500cc and the A10 is 650cc) are good bikes and good looking ones. They, and lots like them, are the result of the British bike industry having had to concentrate on Military production for over 5 years up until 1945 but even so they were at the same time preparing for resuming normal production after the war. There are a lot of A7's and A10's available in the UK although most of the ones that I see around and about are usually the swinging arm models from the 1950's. The rigid and plunger models are, I think, less common but nevertheless they are not rare so my friend wont have trouble locating one in not too long a period of time.

    Tommo, thanks very much for that information, I don’t think I have ever seen an A7 with the speedo in the tank, was that an export feature of did it apply in the UK too?

    If my friend Mike can get a much better scan (and it comes out better than the one I have) we can see if we can see the mudguard mounts which sounds like it would be a good clue to the year.

    Once again thanks to everyone.

    I've looked at half a dozen articles on the A7 from 1946 to 1949 issues of the British weekly magazines "Motorcycling" and "The Motor Cycle" and would place the year of the BSA A7 in the pictures as a 1948 model. On the basis that it has the handlebar mounted speedometer (first on the '48s, '47 had it in the tank), the piled arms decal on the toolbox (Dec. 1947 onwards), the lower end of the front mudguard stay bolted behind the fork leg (changed for '49 models to be bolted in front of the fork leg).
    Private message me if you want copies (scans) of these pictures and road test articles.
    As to registration numbers, they indicate the location of original registration and generally remained with the vehicle, but in some cases a re-registration to a number from a scrapped vehicle was done, resulting in persistence of 2 letter/4 number sets. With 3 letter registrations only the second and third indicate the original registration location.


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    H AJF, thanks very much for your reply it is very helpful and informative. I will send you a pm.


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