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Since interest in non-U.S. bikes is lower in the AMCA than elsewhere I've been posting details of my rebuild of this Ariel on BritBike Forum where it has obtained over 1000 replies and 128k views:


The reason for this post is, thirteen months after I started to tear it down to the last nut and bolt, all but a few details are done and I fired up the Ariel for the first time this week (on the first kick!). I'm about to start a series of shake-down runs of ever-increasing length to make sure it is as ready as it can be for the Cannonball.

You can easily spot me on the list of Cannonball riders http://motorcyclecannonball.com/riders/ since I'm the only one on an Ariel, but if you want to save skimming the list I'm #123 (I couldn't have the first entry number so I picked the last, which also happens to be as easy to remember as, um, 123...).
Best wishes for success on the Cannonball with the '28 Ariel C.
AFJ (Al Johnson in Canada)