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Thread: Synthetic oil

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    That's what I figured, Steve, Thanks again.

    The reason I asked:

    Quote Originally Posted by harleytoprock
    I've been using Harley Davidson 60 wt in my JD. What would be the advantages if I used the aviation oil mentioned above. I change the oil very often and never exceed 150 miles between changes. I change it often as there is only 6 to 8 oz of oil inside, that the motor is relying on for good lube.

    If dirty oil isn't returning to the tank, then he is referring only to 'changing' the "6 to 8 oz of oil inside", which seems like a helluva lot in the crankcase to begin with.
    I am familiar enough with later VLs to know they had a 'dump valve' at the bottom of the crankcase, and with total-loss Indians have learned that blow-by past the rings eliminated as much as the breather, perhaps more. Indians fed only clean oil through the pinion to the crank, by way of the gearcase, not the crankcase.
    Hopefully the Js are the same?

    Perhaps Harletoprock's conventional oil isn't evacuating the crankcase as quickly as intended? Does he have oil control rings, or the original design? Perhaps an ashless lube would do better?

    Hope he chimes in here, as I am curious to learn, even if it is an 'oil thread'...

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    No one has mentioned diesel engine oil use in motorcycles. Supposedly, it has additives that make it superior to regular gasoline engine oil. To complicate this issue, the word is that federal regulation have required (or will soon require) a change in diesel engine oil formulas that lessens its protective properties. What is your opinion on (1) use of diesel engine oil and (2) whether the formula has been significantly weakened?
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