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Thread: 1969 Rear Shock restoration help

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    Hello to All,I would like to hear fellow members ideas on restoring the rear shock absorbers on the 1967-1969 XLCH.I'm fully aware that aftermarket offerings exist but I am wanting to restore the original shocks with as many of the original parts as possible.I have refinished all of the exterior parts of my original shocks but I have failed to find a set of suitable dampers to complete the process.I do have a set of aftermarket full covered shocks to get the bike up on it's feet,but that is an interim fix.Does anyone have experience with a specialty shop that can refurbish the non rebuildable stock dampers or a suitable damper set from a modern MFG.that can be adapted with the original spring adjusters,springs and upper spring retainers to get the shocks as original as possible?I have considered purchasing a set of Munroe 58241 dampers and experimenting as they appear to have very similar dimensions.I have no info on the damping rate they have.NOS dampers seem to be quite rare and quite expensive if a source is found. All points of view and ideas are appreciated.Peter

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    I've had 2 sets of XL shock absorber dampers successfully replaced in shocks I have on my 67 XLH and 58 XL. They were done at different shops though for the same result. Both sets now have I think Monroe dampers in them which are a direct replacement, or at least look that way, and perform very well. The shops were specialty suspension shops, one which did modern and older shocks, and the other was a club friend. The springs & fittings are still all original as they were. Rick

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