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Thread: front brake on '71 electraglide

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    Default front brake on '71 electraglide

    if i convert my front brake to a disc, how much will it detract from original status?

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    I just recently converted my 1967 FLH to disc brakes front and back. The back is hidden by the stock bags and the front blends in as best it can. I had trued the drums, arc'd the shoes, had good lining, and this isn't my first rodeo. The stock brakes didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I was loaded with five gallons of gas and the bags and tour pak loaded and me not the weight of Twiggy. 900 pounds just wanted to keep on rolling. Now it's just a slight tap of the foot and a touch of one finger on the hand lever. I didn't disfigure the rear round stock swing arm or the stock front lower leg either. Four pucks on 11 1/2 stainless rotors help while riding in the "tall" Sierra's and blasting through the twisties. Never to old to blast.

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    You could use a disc leg, -73 wheel, axle, and a -72 master cylinder for a stock look. I think GMA also offers a disc conversion kit that uses a later small bore master cylinder. Keep all the stock parts.
    If the bike is to be judged, the disc brake is a concern. If the bike is to be a rider, a disc brake matters little.

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    If you are going to non-stock components then do it with something like Performance Machine brakes. Can't say that the stock brakes on my 84 FLH are that much better than the stock brakes on my 65 FLH. When I had my custom 52, I used PM on both the front and rear. Damn near stop on a dime and give you about nine cents back. Not cheap by any means but worth the investment IMHO.

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    I adapted a 2000 and up front end to my 67 flh retained all stock parts , found the parts at a swap , floating disc ,wheel, fork tubes and master cyl. for the front,
    left the rear alone. Stops on a dime ! don't like the looks of the master cyl. stock Harley , kinda ugly, find a custom master cyl . P.M. has nice stuff if you can afford it.

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