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Thread: European Meet at Raalte /Netherlands

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    Default European Meet at Raalte /Netherlands

    We had a great meet last weekend. Incredible Bikes (incl a 100pts 1974 Shovelhead) and great people.
    Although my writing in my blog is in german, you may enjoy the pics.

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    Very nice photos, thank you, google translate was not the best but the message was there!
    A 100 point bike-unusual! Did judges have to be bribed, or just primed with a bit of alcohol?!!!
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    Beer was consumed, but not by the judges, who couldn't find anything wrong with that unrestored 1973 FLH after beating their heads against it for 25 minutes. We also had 100 point bikes at Oley.

    We have 306 European AMCA members from 20 countries, and 16 countries showed up at the Meet. It was a great atmosphere, where you find someone from another country who shares your passion for old bikes. It's a long way to come and the International Meet is just once a year, so the guys bring out the good stuff.

    I'm writing up our newsletter, which should be posted in about ten days with more pictures of stunning bikes. The 2018 Meet has been moved forward a week to 25/26 May to avoid a clash with the Southern National. Book that on-site hotel now if you have plans to come!

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