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    hi ,
    please see pics. I see there are two type of mufflers on early 70's V850 California. both factory original ? one is police use ? or what? thanks you in advance for your advise. 17197705_1905520706345849_1306194874_n.jpg18143030_1931055027125750_1608948170_n.jpg

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    Hello I can not see the ends of the mufflers.....
    The one on the right looks correct for 1974 -1975 The one on the right side looks like a small hole which is correct for V700 1967-1970

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    I have a 1970 Ambo and the one on the right is correct for mine. The one on the left is probably correct for a Eldo and/or a police model.

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    There are two styles of "cigar" mufflers as fitted to V700s and V750s (Ambassadors) and V850s (Eldorados). The early ones have a small diameter and the later ones have a larger hole.

    The "police" mufflers are harder to classify. These were slash cut mufflers with the larger diameter hole of the V850s cigar style muffler. However, it has always been unclear to me whether the mufflers were fitted at the factory or by Berliner when the orders came in. The reason is that police bikes or at least all the police accessories were available to the public through dealers. . .and there is more than one mix and match bike out there.

    My own 69 Ambo is one of those mix and match "police" bikes.

    The first two sets of mufflers in this link equate to the late style cigar muffler and police slash cuts.

    Be forewarned NONE of these mufflers fit well on Stainless header pipes. The stainless pipes are just a wee bit larger in diameter than the original chromed steel pipes.

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