As most of you know, for some reason the Single line did not use the year prefix like for example the contemporary JD line. Also they continued the same sequence from 1926 to 1927 with no way to determine from the serial number if it is a 1926 or 1927 bike. You can only guess that a relative low number is 1926 and a higher probably is a 1927. According to the book "The Legend Begins". they made 7990 Singles in 1926 and 4817 in 1927, all together 12.807 bikes of all versions of the Single. I have a Flathead Single with an unusually high serial number, exceeding 15.000. When I got it, the motor was dis-assembled out of a chassis with all typical 1928 features like front brake, hinged rear fender and other first-year details.

Does anyone know how well the serial numbers follow the production amount? In this case the serial exceeds the produced amount with 2500. Could it be that they continued the sequence although the model year changed. I do not know if they made many industrial Single motors in those years, probably not that many anyway.

Regards Fiskis