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Thread: Stu Adams, Rocky Mtn. Chapter Charter member

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    Default Stu Adams, Rocky Mtn. Chapter Charter member

    The antique motorcycle world lost another good friend. Stu Adams passed away on March 22, 2017 in Wheat Ridge, CO. Stu is survived by his second wife Marsha, 4 children, 4 step children, 18 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.

    Stu was a charter member of the Rocky Mtn. Chapter of the AMCA, which he helped establish in 1981 and he remained an active member for many years. Stu was big supporter of the National Road Run concept, started here in the Rocky Mtn. Chapter in 1984. Stuís love was anything old and mechanical but his favorite was Indian motorcycles and he had a particular love for the teens models. He and wife Marsha along with daughter Sydra attended many national road runs riding his 1915 Indian with Rodgers sidecar, or his 1916 Powerplus. Stu was always a hoot to ride with because invariably there would be a problem of some kind with his bike and he had the most ingenious ways of getting things going again! Stu provided lots of entertainment on club rides with his efforts to keep his old bikes running, which he managed to do most of the time.

    Stu was born at the onset of the Great Depression and claimed they blamed it on him. He lived his life that way, keeping everything and making do with what you had by repairing things. Stepping into Stuís shop was like taking a trip back in time, all of his machine tools were 100 years old or more and HUGE!!!! Stu was the master at fixing, or making anything he needed and his shop reflected that. Before there were reproduction parts available, Stu simply made whatever parts he needed right at home in his shop. Even as reproduction parts became available, he would rather spend weeks making molds, then casting and machining pistons instead of buying a set! Stu was also a great help to many local club members with their projects.

    Stu was a humble and generous man, quietly helping those in need while giving the appearance of a gruff old guy. Often that gruff exterior hid the twinkle in his eye and a smile just waiting to pop out, he always had a great sense of humor!
    Stu will be missed greatly, he was a colorful character and friend to anyone he met and a true pioneer spirit in the AMCA!

    Rest in Peace Stu!!
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    The last time I had the pleasure of seeing Stu and Marsha was at the Angel Fire road run in 2008 where Stu helped me unload my bike. He always had a kind word and a smile. "You Harley guys keep your jackets zipped up-I might need the traction!"
    RIP Stu, Ride In Peace.
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    When I think back to when I first met Stu Adams, it was at the second AMCA "DJ" Run in Colorado (later to be named National Road Runs). He was one of the real characters that often said or did something that made you smile and that you remembered long after, when looking forward to the next time.. I remember him continuing on the ride after his Indian Powerplus had a breakdown by laying it on its side on an open flatbed truck and repairing it while the truck continued down the road! After repairs, he unloaded and continued on the ride. He is an Indian man I'm sure many besides me admired. May he rest in peace.

    Well spoken, Gene - best regards to Stu's family and to you and the Rocky Mtn. Chapter.
    John Crawford

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    I first met Stu on the 87 DJ Run in Colorado, and had the pleasure of riding with him on a number of other National road runs. One time when his Indian broke down, I gave him a ride on the back of my Pan Head, to the hardware store to buy some bolts and a spool of wire. He had his Indian running in no time. He said he only hoped no one saw him chasing parts on a Harley.
    Stu was a genuine individual with a wonderful sense of humor...I loved talking to him. Rest in Peace my friend.

    Roger K

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