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    could someone please help me, need to know how to hook up amp meter to bike with gen in bike to check output of gen got new battery don't want to fry batt. thanks

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    Howdy Bob,

    Look at my posts below for overview understanding of a 32E before you dive in. Get an initial battery voltage with engine off for reference. In sequence I'd make sure your cutout is getting voltage with ignition on, then with motor running to the regulating coil post, take voltage reading, and finally to the shunt post with the lights on, another voltage reading to make sure this coil is getting power and is functioning. With only moderate revs your voltage for both ignition and lights on should be higher that standby with ignition off.

    Now, what we can't account for here as it relates to whether your battery stays up or flats/whether your third brush is adjusted properly for usage is your typical ride cycle, city/urban mixed use/highway, day or night and your chosen battery capacity. That you'll have to figure out.

    As for frying your battery if it's a lead acid, they are pretty tolerant of overcharging on a cutout system and only express their displeasure by boiling off. Though each episode lowers their capacity on refilling you can get away with this a couple of times. If you are using a modern battery they are increasingly intolerant in this progression: Gel, AGM and Lithium Iron. The latter will explode violently. I would limit sustained highway riding on a cutout system with these even with the headlight on charge rate (amps) that kills them, not voltage. They are intended for electronic regulation.
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