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Thread: Indian powerplus transmission dating

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    IMG_20170314_165501225.jpg this is are numbers off of are1918 PP.

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    Dave (Beddo)-If you can please check the S/N on your 3 speed 1917 little twin that would be fantastic thank you.

    Tom- Thank you for the photo's of your 1916 transmission. This helps quite a bit.

    Dale- Thank you for the more detailed photos of your 1917 transmission in your powerplus. If you don't want to scrape the grime off that is fine. Your photos have been helpful.

    Steve- Thank you for uploading the photos Spacke2speed trying doing. This makes a lot more sense showing the differences. It really shows my '15 transmission is definitely the same as the first set of photos.

    Olie- Thank you for your photo of your 1918 trans number. It is tricky to see the first character. Is it a 1 or a "T"?

    Thank you everyone for the help.


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