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Thread: Indian Sidecar Info Needed

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    Default Indian Sidecar Info Needed

    I recently pick-up a sidecar. It is stamped with the following number on the frame: SC47 4xx. Does this mean it was produced for the 1947 Indian models?
    A few more questions:
    1. Is there any type of owners/set-up manual for this type sidecar?
    2. It is missing all of the stainless steel(?) trim. Is there any source for original or reproduction trim?
    3. It came with all of its mounting brackets, except the 3-hole frame brake pivot where the sidecar brake rod attaches to the motorcycle brake rods. Does anybody reproduce that item?
    4. Is there any internet sites or real people that are good sources of info for these sidecars?
    Thank you.

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    1. There is a certain geometry that goes into setup of a side rig to make a bike ride straight. I don't have any for an Indian side car.
    2. There are generic trim catalogs out there, check into the auto body replacement part companies. I have looked into that for my Goulding.
    3. I have never seen a re-pop 3-ear Brake clevis, only originals. I might have an extra somewhere.
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    This not for an Indian or Harley sidecar specifically, but it is a good read for a novice sidecar driver, not riding any longer with a sidecar. Only part of the manual will apply, but again reading will help.
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    I had to use about a 5/16" shim washer in rear attachment (where roll bar attaches on solo's), to give me about a 3/8" toe-in at front of the wheelbase. And I leaned the bike 3 degrees to the left. Still get the wobble at speed shifting out of first, but it's done 70 mph quite true! .... in my younger days ... sucks to have to say that now.

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    Hi Motor,

    Your serial number is for a '47 sidecar.

    For the trim, I'd try Jerry Greers or Starklite. I'm not sure what they have.

    I'm not sure where to get the three hole arm lever. If you are trying for a correct stock setup, there is also an equalizer, pin 44849, that would have been used. I don't have one. I did not have the three arm bracket either. I Gerry-rigged some parts from the hardware store to hook it up. It works relatively well. If I remember, next spring I'll take pics of it.

    For info, get ahold of Michael Breeding at He knows a lot. I'd also look to see what you could find on the AMCA virtual library, as Indian did put out a service manual that covered sidecar setup.
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