I recently acquired a beautiful 1975 Rickman CR 900 and would like to connect with those out there that know these bikes well.
I am trying to dig into the history of the bike a little deeper. I have a good amount of the original documentation which tells me that the kit
was provided by (and bike built by) Boston Cycles, who I believe are not in business any longer. It was built for Owner Russell C Taft and it appears
from all the original invoices that Boston took Mr Taft's donor 74 Z1 and built the engine to 1105 with RC Engineering heads and Norris cams etc.
Here's my question; The vin # for this frame is 4699M. When I reached out to Rickman in the UK they had some old records but it shows a gap from frame number 4692 to 4711 in November 74. This bikes build date is 12/74.
I am hoping an expert out there might have archival records showing this frame number and importer info. I realize Vetter imported these kits but I have seen records with individual names next to frame numbers and the gap mentioned above as "not used"
Craig Vetter, who I spoke to, kept no records of the kits he imported by frame number etc.
There is no doubt this is a CR 900 but I would love to solve this mystery. Any help would be appreciated.