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Thread: Looking for input on spark plugs for a 1931 Four

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    Default Looking for input on spark plugs for a 1931 Four

    My 1931-402 currently has been running on some old Champion D14's. The plugs are about worn out and I'd like some input on the proper replacement plug. The metal portion on the D14's are black, which looks good. I've been told that using a Champion 516 is a good plug as is an Autolite 386. In looking at some old specs I found that Indians of this era used a Champion 6-con, which have shorter, more vintage look, but I don't know if 6-con would be recommended for a rebuilt engine.

    Obviously I'd like something as close to original as possible. If anyone has and experience or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I found this champion spark plug cross reference chart on line while searching for serviceable spark plugs. I have no experience with Hendersons; but, found the chart interesting. William
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    You can try GasLight, but call them:


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    Thank you. This is very helpful.

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