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Thread: 101 Scout... going to take a while

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    I recently had to rework the front fender on my Honda 450. It turned out to be just as much of a headache as any Harley, Henderson, Excelsior, or Indian. The big problem is the fit of the wheel/tire, to the centerline of the fender. That is not only an aesthetic problem, but can be a wheel lacing, or bent fork problem and the challenge is to find out what needs to be fixed (and how to fix it). You really have to take your hat off to every motorcycle manufacturer for making tools, and dies that were/are so precise that mass production produced new motorcycles that looked good.
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    The special bolt that retains the pinion gear was mangled up something terrible, I wasn't certain if it was a bolt or nut and I wasn't looking forward to taking it off. But it really wasn't a problem, some light taps with a small chisel and it started to turn.

    One can purchase a pinon gear puller, but I decided to see if I could throw one together from scraps hanging around, it's not pretty to look at but it worked like a charm (one more welding job without my reading glasses... need to keep a pair in my tool box!)

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