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Thread: Rocker box support reairs

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    Howdy chaps,

    At the link below you'll see a classic example of ignorance is bliss when I repaired three broken cylinder fins on my 346 5 years or so ago using merely a 110v mig, standard 025 wire and just one practice go beforehand. Absolutely no science involved or applied other than my previous experience building up broken steel frame castings on Indian frames to form new clutch/brake brackets wherein the receiving piece needed to be heated generously beforehand. Oh yeah, have not gotten around to the permanent fix for the JB Weld formed fins on the head and it shows no sign of falling off yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichO View Post
    I have had good luck with mild steel and brazing for adding missing pieces for barrels and heads on knuckleheads. No failures to date over fifty years.
    I do this as well and had no problems. I use a needle scaler to texture the mild steel doner fin. I've also had no problem nickel plating the repair. Peter, I have a friend that fixed broken aluminum fins on his Panhead using JB Weld. Not only can you not see the repair, but he did that over 15 years ago.
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