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Thread: 66 FLH melted piston

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    Default 66 FLH melted piston

    Unfortunately my bike has leaned out with the result being a holed front piston and possible damage to the rear.
    Now needs a full strip-down for repair.
    Had changed from a Bendix back to the original refurbished Linkert DC7 a couple of months ago, it was running rich at idle but seemed OK on the high speed needle. there was not a lot of fuel left in the tanks and I was going up a hill when it happened.
    Lost power for a few seconds, made a strange whoosh noise and stopped.
    Away at work for a while, when home next I will start the process of dis-assembly for further investigation.
    Not in any hurry.

    Any recommendations for the best pistons and the like for the rebuild?

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    Don't blame the pistons, Wazza.w!

    Nearly all on the market are the same, and are quality.
    The only other options are the heavy forged varieties, which would drop your balance factor dramatically, and lighten your wallet substantially as well.

    Most likely you developed an evil manifold leak to the front cylinder.

    Today's P4gas swells common O-rings, limiting their life dramatically.
    I trust to JAMES viton O-rings.

    Good luck!

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