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    Default Spark plug wrench

    For those hard to reach plugs on a flat head with aluminum heads. I bought a shower valve tool that had one end (29/32") that was a close fit for the 7/8" (28/32") hex of a Champion #D16 spark plug.
    I sawed the 4" long tool in half, then pressed 5/8" nut (15/16" hex) half way into the sawed end. When finished, the tool fits in under the oil tank and slips onto the plug. Use a 15/16 wrench on it.
    Sparkplug (.875 Hex) Socket .jpg

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    We cut a spark plug socket with a hex top so that it would fit. Needed to drill the 1/2" square hole for the handle so that it was big enough for the spark plug to go through it. Works fine on Harley and Indian.
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