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    I have two questions re replacement parts and judging on mid '70's BMW Airhead machines. The first has to do with gas tanks on R90S models. These machines had pop-up gas caps, but the tooling was changed when the 1000cc models came out in 1977. One could still purchase a factory painted tank for a '75 R90S, but it came with the flush mounted gas cap of the '77 and later models. Would such a tank result in a loss of points? Second question--on R100RS models with cast wheels, there was a factory recall to replace the front wheel. The configuration of the front wheel casting differed somewhat from that of the original wheel. Would a machine with the replacement wheel lose points?

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    First question, tank must be the correct type as originally sold, not upgraded later replacement. It will be a points hit for sure.
    Second question, in the case of a factory recall if the wheel is the correct recall type it will fly but still might take a small hit (1/4 point or so) since it was a safety mandate and SHOULD have been changed, so on a restored bike it is OK. On a low mileage original paint bike it should be noted and documented, but not necessarily penalized, but the non recall wheel will be better. Personally I'd rather have the points hit and the peace of mind. But all my junk gets ridden.
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    The bike is judged on how close it is to how it looked when it came out of the crate, any deviation would result in a point deduction. I wouldn't ride around on recalled wheels to preserve originality either. I have seen people ride a bike one way, then change some parts prior to judging.

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